Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Back in Boulder!!!

I'm back up in Boulder! As usual the place is incredible. It's more than just the place though, it's the people!

I'm working from the Laughing Goat this morning. I'm near the front door and the floor to ceiling windows that stand open to Pearl St. The sun is beaming in and for Boulder, it's actually hot. As I work, I'm watching people wander in and out. They greet each other, share stories of their latest adventures and head back out. You hear the best things up here. A woman comes in with her two toddlers...

"Yeah, so I slid all the way down the side of the mountain, rolled through a patch of bramles and wound up scratching both eyes... It was great!!!"

Her buddies have their backpacks at hand. They're headed up the mountain in just a bit.

Awhile later a woman sweeps into the shop with a flourish and twirl, (really, a complete 360 degree twirl), spinning her ankle length skirt around, and says "Hi" to her friends at the front counter.

Apparently the seriousness of life hasn't hit this side of the mountains yet!

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