Monday, March 3, 2003

QSL Mapper Address Re-Formatting Help

Occasionally, the address stored for a call sign is incompatible with the Google Maps used in the QSL mapper gadget. In these instances, the gadget asks the user to re-format the address so that the call sign address can be properly mapped. Corrected call sign addresses are stored so that the same call sign formatting error should not be encountered more than once.

When a call sign address formatting error is encountered, the gadget will look like the following diagram. First, click the 'OK' button.

A form will then be displayed that has the incorrectly formatted address:

Enter the correct address and click 'Test'.
If the newly entered address is mappable, the address will be shown on the map. If the address is not mappable, a warning will appear indicating that the address is still not mappable. You may enter as many addresses as you like and test them using the 'Test' button.

When you are satisfied with the QSL mapping location, click 'Submit'. The gadget will continue with normal operation and the new QSL location will be stored for future users.

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