Monday, June 24, 2013

Hyderabad: Cool Science Locales

The ongoing series of posts on cool places related to STEM: Today.. Hyderabad!

I was called to Hyderabad, India a few years back in my alternate guise as an electrical engineer.  I'd just spent a week making presentations in Nice, France, (more on that later), and my boss called to ask if I could make it to Hyderabad in two days.  I hustled up to Paris and spent the day outside the Indian consulate trying to get a visa.  After a few meetings, I was able to get ahold of one and off I went.

Hyderabad is the fourth biggest city in India and plays host to Advanced Micro Devices, ATI, and Xilinx among other semiconductor companies.  It's a huge and vibrant city with a bit of a traffic problem.

but not to worry, everyone here ride shares.

In case you missed anything, there are four people on the motorcycle.  I haven't been allowed to try this with Jr. yet, despite my assurances that it's perfectly safe.

I was able to sneak away via auto-rickshaw one afternoon and go the Charminar, one of the large shopping districts in town.

The Charminar Gates (picture 3)

Walking through the Charminar (picture 4)

More colors of fabric than I knew existed (picture 5)

A day later I had to give my presentation and hit the road again.

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