Monday, June 18, 2012

Daybreak and Real Physicists

The new AT&T internet serial Daybreak is awesome! I watched the first three episodes last week after I heard about it from the Chief Engineer of the New Yorker Hotel. The story, so far about a race to find one of Nikola Tesla's lost inventions, portrays physicists in an exciting light if nothing else. But is it real? Here's a check of how the physicists in Daybreak compare to real life physicists. Since I'm not too bashful, I'll serve as the real life physicist, (well physics student).

Do Physicists Really Live in Trailer Parks?

DaybreakReal Life

Of Course they do! Have you ever checked rental prices near Brookhaven National Laboratory? Ideally, your trailer should fit easily behind your car so you can move from laboratory to laboratory with ease.

Do Physicists Drive Motorcycles?
DaybreakReal Life

Yup! Although ours tend to be wired for data acquisition.

Do Physicists Have Access to Desert Hideouts Full of Barrels?
DaybreakReal Life

They do! You have to have a home base. It should be noted though that the barrels are for making the wood burning heaters that are essential for cold desert nights.

Do Physicists Really Own Pea Green Double Ovens?
DaybreakReal Life

As it turns out, desert hideouts don't come equipped with great ovens. However, if you've got $20 and you watch craigslist, you're all set.

What about those shiny dials?
DaybreakReal Life

Might I direct you to the masthead for this blog? We're all about shiny dials! The masthead photograph was taken during a tour of the basement of the New Yorker hotel. More about that later... I don't want to give too much away.

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