Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Subelement Focus Added to Amateur Radio Practice Exams

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Read the review of the Copasetic Flow Ham Radio Practice Tests at

The next time you practice a ham radio licensing exam here, you'll notice that the interface has changed a little bit to add a few new features.

Focused Practice on Subelements
Taking practice exams that simulate the randomly selected exams used for license tests is one of the best ways to study. But, sometimes, there's just one section of the test that is giving you the most trouble. Now, when you click the 'Practice Subelements' button, a control panel will appear that allows you to restrict your study to a single test subelement.

When you click on the button for a subelement you will only be presented questions from that subelement. The button for the subelement you've selected will be highlighted with a different colored background.

After you've studied the subelements you wanted to focus on, just click 'Practice Exam' to take a new practice test.

It also helps to know which subelements you need to study. The charting facility has been updated to easily show your relative performance on all the test's subelements. By clicking on the 'Show Scores' button, you will be presented with a graph of your practice test scores over time, as well as your relative performance on each subelement.

The example shown here indicates that I could really use a little more work on subelement G6. After you've analyzed your scores, simply click the 'Hide Scores' button to make the charts disappear. Historical test scores are only stored for users that are logged in. If you aren't logged in, your subelement chart can still be viewed after you have completed a practice exam. Creating a login account is simple. Just enter any name and password into the login box on the right hand side of the test page and click the 'Create' button.

No other information is required. The login name is used to find your test scores and chart them for you.

Have fun practicing!


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