Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Representatives Setting Good Examples for Constituents

Republican representatives continue to use the internet to rally support this week for their efforts to re-open the House of Representatives. These representatives have continued to convene at the House every day since Friday, when the House was officially adjourned. They are broadcasting speeches via twitter and qik. There are at least two twitter feeds following all the action:

Rep. John Culberson

GOP House Leader

The GOP Leader, John Boehner also has a blog following the events. This blog also allows readers to add comments! What an idea: two-way communication of political ideas!

An online petition has been started by Cantor for Congress demanding that Speaker Pelosi call Congress back into session. I've been watching the count, and the petition gets about 2500 new signatures every twelve hours or so. I particularly like this petition because it avoids some of the shortfalls I've seen in online petitions against the recent slate of immigration bills. It's a simple one issue, one web page petition. All signers have to provide is their name and e-mail address. It doesn't require the lengthy registration process that I've seen at other petition sites.

Is all this just political sword rattling? Absolutely! But, they're getting people's attention by the thousands. Not bad!

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