Sunday, April 8, 2007

Laundry and Marie's In Boulder

I'm doing laundry at the Wash-O-Mat, (no, that's really the name), in Boulder this morning. As usual, everything in Boulder is better! As I stepped out the front door of the laundromat, I was rewarded with a beautiful view of the foothills dusted in snow from our little storm last night.

Coming very soon to the Wash-O-MAT will be DJ Chad Zygoat who, between 8 and 10, on certain nights of the week will be playing techno music to accompany comedy movies as you do your laundry. Sounds awesome! Everything in Boulder is a cultural experience!

From the Wash-O-Mat it's just a few doors down to Marie's Cafe where I ate breakfast while waiting on my clothes. The cafe is excellent! You walk in through a set of drapes that divide the front door from the rest of the place and keep the cold air from rushing in every time someone new comes inside. As soon as your inside, you're greeted by the cacophony, (nickel word for the day), of this packed little cafe. The place is full of people enjoying great plates of eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, and potatoes. I'm sure there was some healthy stuff to, I'm just pointing out what caught my eye.

The cafe is owned and operated by a conglomerate of Czech/Slovakian Americans. It has a great family feel. There were one or two little towheads, (East Texas word for the day), escorting their keepers around to greet customers. The food was delicious, the service is very friendly and polite and the kitchen is spotless!


Anonymous said...

Marie's is indeed a wonderful place to eat, and the sight of the beautiful Czech and Slovak ladies only serves to enhance a charming experience!

Hamilton said...

And don't forget the special: four pancakes fanned onto a plate with a fried egg on the end! Yum!